The Van Alen Legacy

Melissa de la Cruz

The Van Alen Legacy

Melissa de la Cruz

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The Van Alen Legacy Summary

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The fourth book in Melissa De La Cruz’s seven-part Blue Bloods series, The Van Alen Legacy (2009), is a young adult, supernatural romance novel. Set in Manhattan, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro, the story continues the dangerous adventures of half-blooded vampire Schuyler Van Alen (Sky) and her human conduit, Oliver, one year after the battle of Rio de Janeiro. As Sky resumes her quest to solve the mysterious slaying of the ancient Blue Bloods, she is forced to return to New York upon learning she is being hunted by a Silver Blood vampire. The story also follows Mimi Force, Sky’s arch nemesis, as well as Bliss Llewellyn, Sky’s close friend who happens to learn a shocking secret. As all three narratives converge, Sky comes closer to discovering her family’s hidden legacy. The Van Alen Legacy is preceded by Blue Bloods, Masquerade, and Revelations, and followed by Misguided Angel, Lost in Time, and Gates of Paradise.

Each chapter alternates between the first-person narratives of Sky, Mimi, and Bliss. The story resumes a year after the horrific Battle of Rio De Janeiro. Sky and Oliver have been on the run ever since. Unjustly blamed for the heartbreaking death of her grandfather, Lawrence, Sky is in grave danger as a result. Heeding Lawrence’s dying words, Sky sets out to locate Charles Force to discover the so-called “Van Alen Legacy.” Sky and Oliver make their way to Paris, where the European Conclave invites them to a celebration. There, Sky is stunned to run into Jack, Mimi’s twin sister. Jack has come to Paris to warn Sky that Leviathan, the Silver Blood vampire who killed Lawrence is hunting for her. Jack urges Sky to return home to New York, but she refuses until her ailing physical health eventually forces her to go back to Manhattan with Oliver. In addition to being put in grave danger, Sky’s feelings for Jack resurface, complicating matters with her best friend and ex-boyfriend, Oliver, along the way. Once back home, Sky prioritizes protecting Oliver from the New York Conclave of Silver Bloods.

Mimi, Sky’s archenemy, has become a Venator, a member of the Conclave’s hidden police unit. As a result, Mimi has opted to join the search for Bliss’s half-sister, Jordan Llewellyn. Jordan’s heavenly manifestation as “Sophia the Watcher” has been exposed, and it is this visage Mimi is tasked with finding. Mimi accompanies the Lennox twins, as well as Kingsley Martin, a reformed Silver Blood and fellow Venator known as the Angel of Vengeance. During their travels, Mimi realizes she is closer to Kingsley than she ever thought before, and the two forge a lasting romantic bond. Upon returning to Rio de Janeiro, Mimi and Kingsley eventually locate Jordan, but are surprised to learn her body has been overtaken and become Sophia, assuming a new life form. Mimi finally returns to New York to attend her senior year of high school. Despite her true feelings for Kingsley, Mimi continues to prepare for her upcoming bonding process with Jack. The Elders ensure the bonding ceremony takes place immediately.

When she returns home, Sky learns that her mother, Allegra, has finally awakened from her sixteen-year coma. Sky races to the hospital to see her mother. Allegra informs her of the Van Alen Legacy. As a result, Sky is tasked with informing the seven gatekeepers of Hell that Lucifer and Leviathan are hatching a scheme to open the gates, releasing pure evil onto Earth. Allegra tells Sky that she has to find Charles Force, who was last spotted fighting Leviathan in a subterranean maze.

As for Bliss, she becomes so lost that she struggles to even remember her name. As she tries to understand her identity, Bliss learns the shocking secret that she is Allegra Van Alen’s daughter, and therefore Sky’s half-sister. Bliss originated from a cycle by Lucifer, who has been controlling Bliss’s body by speaking to her through a voice she calls “The Visitor.” When Lucifer orders Bliss to kill Sky, Bliss hides out, avoiding her friends until Jack and Mimi’s bonding ritual. As one of Mimi’s “bondsmaids,” Bliss can’t avoid her friends any longer. Before the ritual, Bliss finds a small shard of glass tucked in her flower-bouquet, which is actually a sword that once belonged to Michael. In fact, it is the same sword Jordan used when trying to stab Bliss. Later, when the bonding ritual goes awry, Lucifer suddenly appears. In order to break free of Bliss’s body, Lucifer attempts to sacrifice Sky. Bliss knows what she has to do to get rid of her father, Lucifer. She stabs herself in the heart with Michael’s glass-shard sword. Lucifer’s presence delivers Sky, Jack, Mimi, and Kingsley into an alternate realm in the universe called the Glom, a netherworld that vampires can enter.

As the novel ends, Bliss frees herself from Lucifer, becoming a Red Blood as a result. Kingsley fails to escape the Glom, and deliberately remains stuck in the underworld so Sky and Jack can safely flee. The adventures of Sky, Mimi, and Bliss are continued in the follow-up novel, Misguided Angel.

Melissa De La Cruz has written two companion novels to the Blue Bloods series; Keys to the Repository and Bloody Valentine. She has also written two spinoff series: Wolf Pact and Witches of East End, and is currently working on a second Blue Blood series entitled Vampires of Manhattan.
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